• Seniors Care Network
    “It was very eye-opening to work with such an experienced firm and one that had such a command of creative talent that they could bring to this work. What I enjoyed most about working with Shikatani Lacroix is the energy that they brought to their work. It was hard work.”
    Kelly Kay
    Executive Director / Seniors Care Network
  • The Source
    “Shikatani Lacroix was helpful in making sure we stayed on track through communication. Keeping people informed throughout the process became key to keeping them engaged and keeping the momentum within the exercise and they helped us with that through a number of different devices in their process.”
    Ron Craig
    Former VP of Marketing and Business Development / The Source
  • TD Bank Group
    “The strategic vision they provide to every project, from small to large, is always focused on the customer to make sure we're doing things as strategically as possible, that's very valuable. Shikatani Lacroix are a team of dedicated individuals who work hard on behalf of myself and my team to do great work every day.”
    D'Arcy McDonald
    VP, Retail Savings & Investment / TD Bank Group
  • Grafton Apparel
    “The reason we went with Shikatani Lacroix Design is that their vision goes beyond just the design build-out of the store. They brought to us a concept that integrates all aspects of the store experience, from the build-out, design, digital signage and the customer journey. The store has been performing phenomenally.”
    Lance Itkoff
    President and CEO / Grafton Apparel
  • Cable & Wireless Communications
    “Shikatani Lacroix helped us with all stages of the prototyping process and really held our hands through it so that we were able to have a project that hit the ground running.”
    Will Gibson
    Former VP Retail / Cable & Wireless Communications